Specialists in installations

Group 9


High, low and medium voltage electrical installations.
Efficient lighting for all types of spaces

Group 19

Air conditioning and ventilation

Climatic conditioning and air renewal for all types of buildings

Group 13

Fire prevention

Fire protection measures, together with installation conditions and
fire extinguishing and evacuation equipment in workplaces

Group 17

Compressed air

Compressed air distribution networks for the supply of
compressed air to different industrial equipment

Group 25

Industrial refrigeration

Industrial refrigeration, cold rooms and freezing tunnels to -60ºC.

Group 17


Audio-visual communication systems for technological
and security installations

Group 17

Renewable energy

Thermal and photovoltaic power generation projects aimed
at self-consumption of energy

Group 9

Sanitary Hot Water

Sanitary hot water piping to the different production systems

Design, execution and maintenance of installations

Thanks to our technical and engineering department, we can tackle all types of integral installation projects with maximum efficiency and quality. Providing value in each phase of the project.

Within all the sectors we cover, such as food, pharmaceutical, industrial, logistics or automotive, we are able to offer this series of services:



  • Medium and Low Voltage Electrical Installations.
  • Air Conditioning and Ventilation Installations.
  • DHW production and plumbing.
  • Firefighting installations.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Industrial refrigeration and cooling.
  • Compressed air.
  • Gas installations.
  • Renewable energy installations.
  • Sanitation.
  • Industrial Assemblies.
  • Integral management of facilities
  • Maintenance.



Improve the performance of your equipment

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Only by understanding the needs of each project can we execute it with maximum guarantees of success.

Do you want your facilities to be the
foundation for success?